Buddha Boy

Westfield Parramatta, Level 1

This little eatery is found on level 1 at Parramatta Westfield, amongst other busy outlets. It’s a casual dine in place, serving common thai foods. Since I was preety hungry after university, I decided to try this restaurant which I have walking past numerous times. I forgot to write down the prices, but it ranged low to mid price range.



Red Curry Prawn – I couldn’t eat this since it was spicy, but it looked delicious with its mixture of colours and the smell YUM!


Pad Thai – Their version of pad thai was much thicker, meaning that they seemed to use a larger amount of ingredients for the pad thai. But I found their version to be too dry.


Coco in heaven – the juice inside was all jelly-like so I wasn’t able to actually sip anything. Still tasted refreshing though.


Satay Chicken – You’ve got to try this, because their flavouring was just so delicious!


Everything a curry puff should be

RATE: 2/5

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