There’s a quite a few Nando’s restaurants across Sydney, and two nights ago I chose to eat locally before a movie and decided to eat at a familiar place.


It’s set up a counter-service so it’s not quite fancy! The eatery is focused on delivering Portuguese-style recipes, which makes this place a national favorite. I don’t have high tolerance on spicy foods, but if you are than this is the place to be as they offer various ‘spicy range’.



Their menu offers a limited but tasty and filling range of items that you can customize into a meal. It provides prices that are standard to table d’hote menu types $8+ and standard drink range.


Two’s A Party $26.95 – 2×1/4 chickens, 2 tenderloins, 2 thighs and 2 regular sides

It’s a good feed when your mouth to be filled with exploding spicy sauces and juicy pieces of chicken. Though if you’re looking for a place to eat healthy, this wouldn’t be a place to eat at.

RATE: 2/5


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