Pigeon Hole

I have been obsessed with this store when it opened next to where I work. This is what the store has to say for it self:

Founded in 2007, Pigeonhole seeks to bring visitors the latest in fashion, giftware, homeware, and analogue photography. Each item in our range is either created in-house or hand picked from quality local and international labels. We love creativity. We thrive on unique personality. And it’s this spirit that guides our philosophy of an open and collaborative company that regards its customers as friends.

Unique is the one word I can best describe the store… and because of my obsession I decided to purchase three items, 3 for $60, for my partner’s sister. I couldn’t think of what gift to give for her for Christmas, but I knew she couldn’t say no to this.


Pattern Painted Studs $11


Studded Heart Studs $24


Leopard Studs $25

I was going to get myself 3 items as well because of the  awesome sale they just had, I don’t know if it’s still on, but thought otherwise because I already bought myself an early Christmas gift haha.

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