My first music festival here in Sydney woohoo! We got wristbands instead of tickets because it was a two-day event so it makes it much secure. Me and my boyfriend, I’ll stop calling him partner because it sounds too professional haha, just went on the first day because I didn’t really wanted to spend my birthday on the second day there. Anyways, the lovely people you see below are pair that we went with, went pre-drinking at a local pub.




So Kabuki was the first music place we ventured into, pretty good!



Overall a good experience, except my boyfriend thought otherwise, I got to see David Guetta who was amazing! The vibe was an unforgettable experience, just everyone letting loose enclosed by the music. One down fall is that the drinks and food at the venue was so expensive, so I just kept getting corn dogs yummmmmm.

RATE: 4/5

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