Christmas Shopping

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to go Christmas shopping, so I’ve got less than 1 week! Most of the items I  bought was purchased online, thank God for the internet, which helped me save a lot of money and time. I still waiting for my brothers’ purchases online, which I think will not arrive on time, and have to still buy my in-laws present but am waiting for my debit card to come through.

Yep, really last minute stuff. But at least I got my boyfriend’s present on time, hopefully he likes it because though I know he is not entirely picky he is still somewhat? haha yes I know I’m confusing. What I really like the most of this season is not only the big sales that goes on, but also the decorations and that happy festive feeling! Honestly, only if it was Christmas everyday. So what I need to do is start wrapping the gifts I’ve got and start praying that the other gifts arrive on time.

Hope you all are ready for Christmas and the coming New Year <3

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