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I’ve been looking for phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 for a while now, I guess I’m just too picky. So I searched and searched and found a modern case online in Fall In Design, based in Korea, Ardium Modern smartphone flip case for Galaxy S4 for $38.20 which I know some might say it’s a bit pricey. They gave me an option for Indie Purple, which I initially wanted but they told me that it was a mistake and they did not have that colour for the case which I was a little disappointed about so I chose Real Red instead.

It turned out really nice, though the elastic to close the case is a bit of a hassle, the front material is of good quality. What I found difficult is removing my phone from the plastic holder, on the positive side it is secure, but now I can’t remove it 🙁 Aesthetics-wise yes it is nice, but ergonomically and definite big no.

image 2


image[1] 2


In my opinion it is over-priced and really not happy with this purchase.

RATE: 2/5

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