Open Air Cinema

Though it was a few days ago, a friend of mine turned 21! She celebrated her birthday again a few days later at Bondi’s event called “Open Air Cinema”. I think it was a great way to spend your birthday outdoors under the stars.


This is what I saw when I first walked in, a band playing and…


More and more people on the slope, it looks so chill! The food area was situated at the back. The only disappointing thing was that the food area was closed during the movie! So I didn’t get to buy a Ben & Jerry scoop.


When we came in, most of the good spots were taken so this was our initial view. Eventually we moved closer to the front and our view was perfect. It was truly amazing at night, it was chilly but not uncomfortable. We watched The Hobbit, my third time actually haha but I didn’t mind.

Oh and I saw a shooting star.

RATE: 3/5

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