Spontaneous trip booked

In just a few mintues… Where to you may ask?

Over next door to Auckland, New Zealand! The land of the sheep… and more sheep. Well there’s a lot more, but that’s what I picture at the moment. I booked with Jetstar, unluckily there was no promotions so I booked anyway. Why Auckland? Well I initially would have loved to go down south to Queenstown, but since I’m going for 3 nights (over a weekend and straight after work) I could only fit one city. I’ll still have the other cities on my travel wish-list. It’s a bit pricey to go, so I’m going to book one tour for a whole day and leave the day before free to roam about!

My partner wanted to go try some extreme activities, but since I’m on a tight budget I’ll do those other extraneous activities another time (still young!). So pumped actually, even if it’s for 3 days I’d like to use my hard-earned cash for some travelling. I do agree, to travel while you don’t have too much responsibilities. Work hard and play hard.

I’m thinking of recording my trip, not just take pictures and show you the random places we’ll go 🙂


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