Top Half

If you haven’t seen my recent picture of me, either on my instagram or twitter check it out! It’ll be the most terrifying thing you’ll see… maybe. Well today I got the top row of my teeth with metal braces. One thing I’ll miss having none, is the fact that I could eat anything without having to worry about the aching pain of the braces. Now I’ll be resorting to soups and mashed-up food (like a baby).

So a few facts of my recent experience:

  • hurts when you bite down
  • putting the brackets is not scary and does not feel a thing
  • when the wires are placed on, the instruments used to adjust and place the wire can hurt and is quite scary

And right now I have a headache maybe because of the pain I’m feeling on my braces 🙁 All to look and feel beautiful/hygienic.


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