Gipps Street, Pyrmont, Sydney

Saturday, cheat day ūüôā even though I don’t work out as much.



A bit poor, there was a lack of waiting staff on the floor, you would think since it’s a Saturday there would be more on the floor. I had to look like the biggest lost head, hawking a staff down so they could take my order. Other than the searching part, the staffs were friendly, straight-forward¬†in asking with what you want. So they were quick and efficient.


Metal,¬†uncomfortable¬†seats, it’s like the seats was telling me to eat up and quickly go out. It had an ongoing blue colour theme inside, many chairs and tables to cater for a lot of people and from the reserved tables I saw, you can reserve a table!

The place was located next to the picturesque Battlewattle Bay, and can be easily accessible by bus, train or car (decent parking rates too).



Oh don’t you love¬†laminated menus? Specially when they’re printed out black and white, makes the choosing not too difficult for me. It was¬†averagely priced from $15 onwards, so not too bad for a heck load of seafood! All was fresh which was lovely, so you’ll be able to choose from scallops, prawns, squids, salmons, etc and the basic staple of chips, calamari rings and salad!


We both got the same, I didn’t tell him that I chose the same thing, because my boyfriend hates it when we order the same thing (though I don’t¬†particularly mind)¬†.

20140920_113940_resized¬†B.B.Q’d Seafood Plate $23.5 – a great array of squids, prawns, scallops, fish, chips and so many green leaves haha salad!¬†


I just love fresh food, and this was picture perfect! It was like the sea was in my mouth, well not really, but like it was beautiful. I was so hungry this morning, that this plate perfectly repleted thy empty stomach! Good thing that they added the salad, because I felt like I was eating so much carbs. There was more prawns in the platter, but I’m not complaining because I LOVE prawns.


Though yes it was fresh, I felt like the platter was a bit bland. Definitely, the green leaves out weighed the tomates and the tiny onions in the salad haha I finally gave up on the salad at the end though.

RATE: 2/5

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