Hair smells like smoke from last night

Had a mate’s 21st last night, straight from a shift I had no time to change to something more “party-like”, not that it mattered anyways since they’re the type of people who aren’t up-tight about it.

The vibe was great, chilling outside with sausages being barbecued, beer and alcohol being consumed whilst being warmed by the outdoor fireplace.  I wish I took pictures of last night, but it was one of those events where you just need to be at the present moment, no cameras, videos, so you get to appreciate everyone’s presence. Since my hair still smells like smoke after multiple washes, I guess you can presume that I spent too much time near it.

Oh, if you have not tried out Starbucks tiramisu frappuccino… you are not missing out. After a good few sips it was swell, but then it started to taste like plastic haha. I guess the flavours were a bit too much for me.


But it does look amazing right?

It’s about 36 degress right now, too stinking hot to be Autumn. Summer went by too quickly, I feel like I wasted so much beach opportunities.

Back to watching House of Cards.

~ MJ 


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