500 million clicks later…

Kidding, literally it took me 10+ ‘refresh’ button clicks to finally get to this page. Seriously, NBN you lie!! I’m like downloading this picture and it says “6 hours left” like what?!

* Just going to disconnect the net and connect it again – praying it would speed up again *

YAY it worked! Anyways, I made this for brunch…


Maple flavoured pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and to add some healthy goodies, sliced bananas and blueberries! Too good too good. My boyfriend went out for some ‘business meeting’ and I was left alone to eat this (song interlude: all by myself~).

I honestly am a failure when it comes to cooking, after 4 burnt pancakes I finally got the hang of making golden-coloured ones. Let me tell you when I first started cooking scrambled eggs, I couldn’t tell if it was cooked or not and it ended up being too cooked *shakes head*.

But I’m proud of this accomplishment today haha and tomorrow I’m going to try and cook Garlic, Buttered Prawns for lunch. Any other quick recipes I should try out?

~ MJ

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