Photo Finish Foundation Primer | Light


Smashbox $22 || Sephora

Sorry for the over-due cosmetic post! Here we go…

I just recently used this and I really like the light-weight feel of the consistency. It does allow for your skin to breathe, so your pores are clog-free! It is more of that liquid feel, though I do prefer the soft, velvety-feel of some other primers. I purchased the oil-free, I found that throughout the day I wasn’t as oily around my t-zone, which is a plus!

BB cream stayed put, but I do prefer primers that help minimise the size of my pores and create a soft, blurred canvas. Giving me that matte-look, as I have that combination skin type. Overall, it is an ok product but there are definitely better primers out there that wouldn’t cost as much.


RATE: 2/5

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