Rosy Posy | Terrarium


Rosy Posy $20

What I love about terrariums is that not only does it look exquisitely adorable, but it is like capturing beauty within a jar. Plus not having a green thumb myself, having a mini garden that just needs a sprinkle or two of water truly makes it so easy. Direct sunlight is not needed, spraying it with water is the only thing you need to do.

I have had mine up to a month now, and it still looks amazing – though there are now brown patches. The stones at the bottom is an indicator, so when your pour water in, it is only up to the stones. I got the one with the brown rabbit but there are other beautiful designs, either check the online shop or catch the store at the Kirribilli markets. Great to add onto your desk, living room, weddings, parties!




RATE: 4/5

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