“And you ask “what if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?””.

– Erin Hanson

It is when you experience an event that you went through before, jolts some of your oldest memories. I attended a graduation, and it made me think about my last one… that was like almost 6 years ago! So much has changed and how little of that world was. Seriously, in my opinion high school shielded me from the outside world. Yes it taught me all that academic stuff, but in terms of people, so much more variants were out there.

This week has been a breeze, since I have been indulging in the Attack on Titans. Such an awesome anime, you should give it a go. It encompasses that dread, suspense and bad girl power! I do prefer watching it in Japanese.

Apologies, with the lack of posts this week! I’ll be sure to post more, and welcome to my new readers and thank you for the likes.




~ MJ

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