Tea Tree & Witch Hazel | Toner


Thursday Plantation | Priceline $9.99

I have heard about the nature’s powerful antibacterial oil, which is tea tree. I have been meaning to use a regime that incorporates tea tree, and I found this potent bottle in Priceline.

I use two drops on a cotton pad and gently wiping it all over my face, after initially washing it. With the mix of witch hazel, I can immediately feel the purification and pore tightening. It does not dry my skin out and after a long day exposed to the outdoors, you can feel and see the excess oil and other nasties being removed. I recommend this product, especially in these warmer months. I use it in my nightly regime, since I do find the scent too overpowering for the day-time.



RATE: 4/5

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