“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

– John Wooden

I love musicians who have a flair for melodic and ‘chill’ music beats. I am growing to love Ta-Ku’s musical style, as well as other DJs in that genre. Did you know, that I actually had a stage where I mixed some beats together? Except I stopped because I was not passionate enough, plus I think I wanted to focus on The Sims during that time.

Black Mass and The Martian is finally off the list, of my ‘must-watch’ for this month. I’d say that I like The Martian’s storyline more, but Johnny Depp’s acting in Black Mass was exceptional! Got me researching more on the characters after the film.

I am currently still deciding whether E and I should plan something for the upcoming holidays… but I don’t know where. I did however, took some days off around my birthday. Have reserved a table for two at Catalina Rose Bay, but that might change closer to the date. Also, I am setting up a Facebook page and I don’t know where to start! Oh I just died by hair black again, because it was greying.
Here comes the warmer and colourful days ahead.





~ MJ

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