“Pull up a chair. Take a tast. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious”

– Ruth Reichl 





I have been eating to my heart’s content this past week, I think it’s because of the stress of exams and more working days. I got to hang out with my two mates + E, where I ate my first ever Pho yes, meat version and watched Crimson Peak. The film I find was unique, like I don’t watch much gothic films as much. I enjoyed it, but there was some story pot-holes that I would love to be explained.

E and I also ate again at our favourite local Indian restaurant, the food mmm! They make vegetarian foods more flavoursome. For halloween, we did not do anything but since I had work in the morning, at night I went to bed early. E’s single ‘Predator’ was finally released on iTunes and I heard it climbed successfully!

~ MJ

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