Perfect Lips Lip Liner


Too Faced Mecca Maxima $22

I would not be so quick to call it perfect, as I do find this liner to be quiet fine and faint. Perhaps it would compliment well to nude lipsticks, but even so I find it does not do much help. However, I do find this liner to be a bite helpful in outlining areas that needs to be traced, especially in the inner lip area. When filling my overall lips, it comes out to be too chalky and does not ensure longer lipstick wear.

In the design of the pencil, I truly am in love just look at the packaging! I got mine in ‘Nude’. The length and having a soft area to hold, makes it extremely easy to use. It is a twist-up tip and I find it does not need to be sharpened. Overall, I would not go looking for this lip liner again, maybe another in their brand.



RATE: 3/5

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