“To be in hell is to drift; to be in heaven is to steer.”

George Bernard Shaw




Oh boy, I am getting hooked once again to Korean dramas especially them love stories. The story lines are just so addictive, as well as the cute male leads, makes the dramas worth keep coming back to. Not too overly complicated and though some have holes, it is also the characters that will keep you watching ♥

Right now I am watching The Girl Who Sees Smells, which you can watch on Dramanice. I initially chose to watch it because of Yoo Chun Park mmm.

I am really excited for the upcoming week, firstly because this Sunday is the hike day and I double-checked the weather… it is sunny! Plus I booked a table for two at Catalina for lunch for my birthday. Not too excited for another old age, but hey it is just a number right? Another recent personal find, I find myself liking wasabi with Japanese sushi and nigiri. Yes it is spicy, but at the same time refreshing and has this sweetness that enhances the experience. Very random I know.


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