“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”

– George Carlin

What have I done? I signed up to my first ever sporting class, since I don’t know, high school when I continued swimming as a sport. However I am going to an introductory fencing class – Saber fencing to be exact. It feels good knowing that I am going out of my comfort zone and challenging myself. Once I do the class, I will update about it and I hope I will continue on to other levels.

For those who just read this post, I completely forgot I have not finished this post. Anyways, I had a tough day at work yesterday… some people really doesn’t know how to forgive. One mistake to you lady and you go ape-mode! As if you are perfect. Seriously.

So Christmas is in a few days, got my shopping done and for the next few days E and I have my house all to yourselves.



~ MJ

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