Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette


Smash Box Mecca Maxima $76

Limited edition during the festive Christmas season, I came across this beauty whilst browsing for my first eye shadow palette. What firstly attracted me to this palette, was not only the heavy-duty casing but the selection of neutral colours it came with.

Fourteen shimmers and fourteen matte shades, a perfect combination whether for a casual day or a glam night. This also comes with a handy double-ended brush as well as a “how-to” booklet (if you need extra help in the eye art department – like me!).

My advice is to use your favourite eye-primer, as I do find the shimmer shades to move around whilst the matte needs extra help to blend. I find the pigmentation to be quite light, so a definite build-up is needed.




RATE: 3/5

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