Hands On Transforming Hand Cream


Mecca Cosmetica | Mecca Maxima $0

I generally do not like purchasing the main store’s products, but this hand cream changed my perspective on that. I got this as during my birthday month from Mecca Maxima, and I received this during a time when I was looking for a new hand cream.

I am loving this so far, firstly because it is highly hydrating and secondly there is no lingering stickiness – instantly absorbs. The main ingredients I see are aloe vera, ginseng, amla, rose hip oil, vitamin A and E that assist with moisture restoration. The slight fragrance (hyacinth, green apple, vanilla), for me was something I did not enjoy, but overall this cream is one that I would recommend because of its effectiveness to achieving smooth, silky skin.




RATE: 4/5


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