“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

– Desmond Tutu





Smile and be kind people! I find too often, abusive and inhumane communication between people. What is this world coming to? Do you not get that being rude will in turn, not receive the best service? Just a little rant.

This past two days E and I stayed at the Royal Pacific Hotel at Artarmon, it was a splendid find as it was a few stops away from my workplace as well as near E’s tournament. I highly recommend this hotel, it feels more like a serviced apartment in my opinion. Never the less, it was clean, quiet and close to transportation with complimentary parking. There’s these cute Japanese restaurants at Artarmon station, I would love to check out in the future.

Traveling up towards this area, was such a refreshing sight. I would always look out and see greys, browns, blacks and more grey. But up north, it was much quieter and the greens were endless. My dream is to move up north, where when I look out I can see trees and more trees.

2016’s Lunar New Year had just passed. Scored two envelopes and seriously these red envelopes are too cute!


~ MJ

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