Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster


Sephora | Ole Henriksen $65

A sizeable amount of Vitamin C complex and antioxidants, all mixed into a cute little bottle. What this is intended to accomplish, is to reduce wrinkles and provides an additional layer of protection against environmental pollutants.

The serum is easily absorbed into my skin, leaving no sticky residue. Aromatic and you really need half a pump, a day. The serum is also oil-free, so for me in the morning I feel that my face has a bit of oil-control. I generally do not add another layer of lotion on top, but you certainly can if you do not tend to get oily.

While it is highly nourishing, I do not find it helpful in the brightening department. There is no ‘glowing’ effects, but definitely you might see a few skin changes. My skin for one feels softer throughout the day and has this elasticity.


RATE: 3/5

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