“All good work requires self-revelation.”

– Sidney Lumet





I love to find hidden gems, not really find because most people have discovered the place before me, because of its edginess that comes along with it that I find awesome. If you haven’t visited Sneakerboy yet, they feature/sell authentic luxury street shoes and apparel. I am currently eyeing the Common Projects Achilles Three Strap in white.

I am getting the hang of  Snapchat, still getting there and absolutely smashed with the filters! Add me: purplecuriosity

In another world, E and I are hammered in ideas for a end of year trip. Maybe Cambodia, maybe Fiji or maybe along Sydney’s coast. It would be nice to finally relax for 3 weeks, sipping on cocktails and sleeping in for a while. I have been currently obsessed with Britney Spears as of late, her whole melt down, her music back in the 90s and why her and JT broke up haha. Someone have an answer?

I’m out, time to watch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones.


~ MJ

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