The Little Snail

3/50 Murray St, Pyrmont NSW 2009


You won’t miss this place, it has got a gorgeous view of Cockle Bay and not too far away from The Star. Specialising in French cuisine, you wont leave disappointed. Upon entering, you will be welcomed promptly and a grand staircase is set in the middle, adding to the warm, elegant ambience. Though, I did find it to be a causal setting as I assumed it would be fine-dining.

Since we ate during their dinner hours, we were given the $60 3 course menu. Which I find is a good deal, considering on their A La Carte menu for example, a main dish can be about $32+. My favourite dish of the night, would be their herb-infused, garlic buttered Escargots De Bourgogne. In other words, 12 dozen snails! It tastes similar to eating a prawn in my opinion.







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