“The grass is not ‘greener’ on the other side – it is just another shade of green.”

– Annika Sorensen





It has been hell stressful these past days, endless calls and endless tasks that have yet to be completed. Yesterday was my brother’s enlistment and I am definitely envying him for one of his biggest moments in his life! Hopefully I can record the event as a vlog.

It has been pouring non-stop the past few days here in Sydney, not fun. But I suppose it means I can snuggle up in bed. I am crossing my fingers as I send an email asking if I can work full-time… I know my routine will definitely change, but I suppose it means I can save up for travel/moving out. But it means… I have no days off. I believe though, while I am still young I should work extra hard.

Recently, my post about 3 years ago, Me Before You review on the novel has been gaining daily views. I assume it is because of the upcoming movie version coming out! I really do hope the director gives it justice, because it truly is a moving story.

RIP to Muhammad Ali


~ MJ

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