“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”

– Bill Watterson





I need a chair wear I can cross my legs, I don’t know about you but I enjoy sitting this way. Even when I drive, one foot is all you need for the two pedals.

I managed to finish reading Full Alchemist within less than a week, I was mind blown with the whole story. It was purely magic and I am planning to watch the anime! The story between the brothers was so cute and it doesn’t have your typical love story within.

My skin has been breaking out, like acne-breakout and I don’t know if it is one of the products or because I’m on my menstrual. Either way, having acne is a huge inconvenience.

The long weekend was great for me, practically enjoyed the sun and ate as much good food. With a sneaky cocktail! I didn’t know that my annual leave actually fell on the long weekend, which was the best result for me. Now back to work.

After a month my new iPhone had arrived and it looks amazing, however… I misplaced my sim and now will need to wait another week to be resent a new sim. Fail.


~ MJ

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