“The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.”

– Leo Tolstoy





Got to make another appointment to do another Bio Sculpture Gel, at my favourite nail salon Fleurette Beauty. I’m thinking of getting a Christmas design, hopefully it isn’t booked out. I planned on getting my lashes done again, but was placed on the waiting list.

Looking back at the pictures, makes me wish I was elsewhere but here. It was good to just laze, swim, eat, repeat. The place we stayed at for the majority of the nights, was at Bisma Eight. Such a grand place, service was impeccable and what they offered was perfect. Highly recommend. It was so sweet on my birthday, they came out with this delicious chocolate cake.

I came around to finally giving another language a go. I chose to conquer Korean, hearing that it is the easiest Asian language to learn plus I hope to visit Seoul sometime.


~ MJ

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