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Juno x Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil



3 drops is all I need, and I use this after toning my face/neck and before any serums. I believe that by using this before my serum, it better absorbs and enhances the serum. Other than that, I wouldn’t really use it before makeup, for example like my skin, I would be an oily mess at the end of the day.

What I love about this face oil, is not only the gorgeous boxing and bottle, but once applied you can see the difference. You will have this glow as well as looking moisturized. It was a perfect pat over when I was in Bali, before my day started as well as before bed.

Inside you will find: vitamin C, essential amino acids, antioxidants, omegas 3, 6 and 9 – you are double protected from signs of ageing and harmful UV rays.



RATE: 5/5

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