“Her legs swing complete afternoons away.”

– Jill Eisenstadt





Came back from Newcastle, and it was surprisingly bustling with amazing cafes. Quite a few had a variety of whole food items, but I do still like the coffees in Sydney. Though it was raining when we visited, it was still lively. I recommend a night or two, to check out the CBD.

I have been checking out a few classes to take up on the new year, possibly adult ballet. I want to fix my posture, strengthen my overall frame and take up an activity out of the normal routine. I am tossing up between, Studio Tibor or Sydney Dance Company. I am almost done with planning out what classes I want to do next year, so I am pretty hyped for that!

Still have not finalised what I am doing at New Year’s Eve, crossing my fingers to hopefully see the fireworks live. Since I finish at 8PM in the city anyways, so that will be fun. It is a bummer that I cannot book flights and deals for the 2018’s NY. E and I has kinda decided to celebrate it in Hawaii.


~ MJ

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