“Know that I loved you more than the stars have power to kiss the night sky.”

– Wade Kelly

It is true when they say love isn’t enough. It really isn’t, at the start it had elements of infatuation, curiosity and overall what they call ‘puppy love’. You kind of wish, love is all it takes to sustain a relationship, but it is hard work. Trying to fulfil the other’s expectations and trying to adjust it with yours.

Be warned, this will be a little rant post.

For me, what I want in a relationship is an overall friendship. A long-lasting one, which has 100% commitment from each side. So basically if we do not see each other, we use other methods to keep in touch but will never feel insecure whilst the other is away. A kind of friendship that wants to travel together, eat together and plays wherever they are in the world.






~ MJ

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