“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!”

– J.K. Rowling

I am leaving tomorrow to visit CSU’s campus, in Wagga Wagga. It’s for a few nights where we will be meeting other students, teachers and the curriculum of the degree. Super stoked for this new area of study, for the mean time I want to move away from customer service. Surround myself with information and books.

I have already packed, which consists of singlets and shorts. Not too keen to experience the 30+ degrees in the country. Traveling via train, which is about 6 hours in first class! My plans will be, catching up on review books and praying I don’t get lost on campus.

Australia Day had just passed, which I chose not to go out. Nothing was open, but we managed to find a local shop that sold the good old fries and salads.

You probably already know this, but I have found it difficult to bounce back to a pescatarian diet. I currently do not have the drive, but crossing my fingers that I can bounce back.

The Australian Open was awesome, I felt like Nadal was overpowered throughout the match. It was such a great match, especially Serena’s and Venus’ match!

Train ride back home yesterday, was me youtubing a whole bunch of Whitney Houston. Her vocals are amaze and it gets me each time. Sadly, the ride was interrupted when a disrespectful idiot started smoking on the train. Seriously?






~ MJ

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