“I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same thing as ‘making a life’.”

– Maya Angelou





As you can tell, I still am on the roll with the pictures from Wagga Wagga. I kind of miss the quiet stay there, even though the room was freezing point. I am on a hunt to look at other work experiences I can squeeze in. Fingers-crossed that I can get myself in information services.

Valentines Day was a beauty this year, E loved the the practical gift I gave him. I was tossing up between other items, but I thought to myself he will use this more. We took us to Sepia, and instead of selecting the 9-course meal we ended up doing the 12-course. At the start we had decided to go get a kebab after, but ended up being stuffed haha. I’ll write a separate post soon.

Classes start this week for me, and I have half-half-relunctant in getting back at it. But hey, just keep swimming.


~ MJ

Sydneysider + Human

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