“I’ll just pray you won’t tread onto the wrong path”

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(UN)GRACEFUL CAT – B. A. Gabrielle

Pages: 140

Elegant but clumsy and shy “princess” Amelia, finds herself amidst a forever-long battle between Spirits and Dark Fairies. Which side will she choose?

An interesting read and it also had good character development. The story at the start perfectly introduced each character, along with an overall spotlight on some of their pasts. So it was easy to gage, which characters were connected. I liked the spin of Spirits and Dark Fairies, the drama between light and dark is always an eye-catcher for me. I also liked how it was highlighted that it is maybe the other way around, the Spirits may be the bad ones here!

At the end of the novel, it was a major cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the new chapter and what becomes of Amelia.


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