“The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.”

– Benjamin Alire Saenz

I might have taken more units, than I can handle this semester. Though non of my 3 units have exams, assignment-based only can be tough. I sorted myself easily onto a group, and the other 2 units are individual tasks. It is quite good that their is a census date, so that maybe I can re-think whether to continue my business bachelor.

I am however, enjoying m information services course! To be able to learn history at the same time, that I enjoy, it has been a treat. History, especially modern history has been one of my favourites. To learn the evolution of mankind, and intricate details such as the alphabet.

Where has this week gone by? Barely gotten my readings done, and have been cramming my studies after my shifts…

I’ll be heading out today to check out the One Tea Lounge, super excited to see their matcha items.






~ MJ

Sydneysider + Human

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