“Truth builds trust.”

– Marilyn Suttle





There has been a few, I mean a lot of many difficult calls this past week. I don’t know if it’s because of the school holiday break, or mid-year events coming up. I am fed up with the amount of calls ‘people’ make and not realise they are speaking to another human being on the other end. So what if the phone answered is located else where? Are you really that narrow-minded to realise that practically most Australians are born or have ancestors from other country? Why are you surprised that your call might not be local, the world is evolving?

In a way, is that prejudice?

Some large companies have reservation centres, this is done to help the staff based on-site. Imagine if there was no reservation systems, either online or over-the-phone, your call may not be picked up because staffs are serving constantly over the counter. When I call a business, yes I might get a bit confused at the start but it’s not surprising. I ask what the procedures are and the other person on the end will just lead the way. It’s all about trust people!

I had someone question my age on the other line, because I since I sounded young, he thought I couldn’t book him in… I had another guy call and said they jumped the train, didn’t know where he was going and didn’t know what time he could come in, but called to book… I heard another pulled out their credit card and payed for something they didn’t understand… 

I can make a whole series on this in shorts, mmm. Most of the time I am scratching my head thinking, pondering what just happened?


~ MJ


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