“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”

– Pope John Paul II





Word limits is by biggest enemy during assignments. I had 2 large assignments that had more than 1500 words required, and I seriously went under. General I am good, but this time around I failed horribly. I just pray that my quality is good.

Other than that, E has decided to leave me for almost a month whilst he visits the homeland. I wish I could go, but you know the usual drill, classes and work to commit. I still need to make a list for him, a list of cosmetics to buy at MOA.

Did you hear about the United Flights incident? Made me super upset, to see people doing that against a person who had firstly, A, payed for their ticket and was scanned in and accepted and B, after saying no to move had to be forcibly removed. Disgusting and painful to watch. It made me rethink visiting America due to its treatment. It was so hard to digest and honestly, airlines should rethink about their over-booking system. Like what the hell? A customers buys and have to be kicked out? Everyone has their reasons to go home, and who the heck is this airline to tell them their reason isn’t good enough! That Airbnb incident too, seriously people, different ethnicities exist and you better start learning to accept that not everyone is born to look/speak/live like you! I truly dislike racist people, so narrow-minded and uneducated.

I had the chance to visit the Mummy exhibition at the Power House Museum and it was amazing. I’ll write a post about it later, but it was amazing to see the quality still intact. Mesmerising as well, to think this even took place in a society and the hieroglyphics was breathtaking. I loved the collection they showcased. I have yet to decide to visit the Easter Show this year, I do have a free ticket but I don’t know yet…


~ MJ

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