“You can decorate absence however you want- but your still gonna feel what’s missing.”

– Siobhan Vivian

This grind is crazy, to the point that I am super lagging behind my studies. But, I will use my day off to the fullest since E is currently in the Philippines. That boy left me to burn… being super dramatic haha. I also made him a shopping list for him to get me, whilst he visits the Mall Of Asia. Before he left we checked out a spa and got to spent quality time together which was nice. He also got has kinda matching watches from Daniel Wellington!

Anyways, he is off for 3 weeks and I am more upset that he got to see Yellow Claw up close. Bloody hell, I want to go and check out the night life there. The last time I went was when I was 18, and every visit of mine was family-related and did not include the night scene. Nether less, it was always a blast being back.

On the downside, my grandma, mother’s side had past away recently. She was  I believe the closest grandparent as she had visited Australia many years back, and took care of my brothers and I. It took everyone by surprise as she seemed strong, but you know how life is. You think everything is under your control, by nature goes full-steam ahead. I just wished I had… visited sooner…






~ MJ

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