“Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”

– Sara Raasch

Autumn is winter now, like seriously I haven’t prepared myself! I am planning to scour my wardrobe and pull out the old, and bring in the new.

There is a few things on the web, that I found highly disturbing. First off, ‘stealthing’ which is a sexual act, where a person removes the condom without the consent of his/her partner’s consent. The more disturbing thing about it, is how there are forums of people boasting of their act… Seriously?

Secondly, is the ‘Blue Whale Game’. Sounds friendly right? No, it is stupidly scary and it targets and affects those who are already vulnerable. The number of deaths are growing and it is f**ked up, how easy it is for death to be played as a game. If you need help, seek out professional help. You not only damage yourself, but you scar those around and who care about you! Do not play a game of death.






~ MJ

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