“Until we have begun to go without them, we fail to realize how unnecessary many things are. We’ve been using them not because we needed them but because we had them.”

– Seneca

21/6 : I watched a Ted youtube video about Stoicism, and the teachings kind of reached out to me. I liked the mindset of it and i think I will be delving more into it. The quote above stuck out to me, but there are many more quotes which I will be gravitating more towards to with the other posts. Game 2 of State of Origin is on tonight, which I am quite excited about! I hope it will be just as fast and entertaining like the previous game. I just received 2 of my assignments back, and my results confirmed the challenge of working and studying at the same time. Maybe I can find a teaching in Stoicism to guide me.

22/6 : About to take a sweet nap after munching on a cinnamon doughnut for breakfast.

25/6 : I’ve managed to squeeze my 3 on-site units onto 1 day, which is great! Then the other RDO I can use for my 2 online units. I have realised how much I dislike when others speak about me and they tell the partial story, making the story invalid. Can I speak my story first? I watched two Korean films, with the same lead man, Train to Busan and Silenced. Silenced is absolutely heart-wrenching, I cannot believe laws againist child sex-abuse was so lenient. Heading to work soon and these past 3 days has been exhausting, makes me think is people that afraid/confused about using online bookings?


~ MJ

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