“It is not the man who has too little that is poor, but the one who hankers after more.”

– Seneca

28/6 : Good morning! Pretty late now and I am waiting for E to wake up to start the day. The struggle every morning is waiting for him while my stomach grumbles, knowing I won’t get to eat till after gym. Thinking whether to go to the open inspection tonight, or to prioritise university work.

4/7 : What a date jump. It is July and getting closer to mid-Winter! That also means… Game of Thrones is soon. Thinking of purchasing Foxtel Now, it’s $15 a month for the drama package. That’s not too bad right? But end up purchasing it just for the show.

5/7 : Completed my tax return this year, hopefully it gets approved quicker than last year. I think cause I had two last year, it had taken longer. Anyways it’s now mid-afternoon and came back from a rock-climbing session at Villawood. Called Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym, might consider righting a separate post on this. I have been trying to organise the trip for the end of this year, but trying to find a balance of comfort and budget has been challenging. Because I will be traveling at the end of December, past New Years to early January, prices are sky rocket! Regardless if it is Thailand or another country.

8/7 : The last two days at work has busy as hell, my ear is burning. I’ve got another day to go, to concentrate on my work. Starting work before 12pm is tough, though it is less busier on the weekend and I can get a seat, I’m am still asleep. I’ll just take it easier today.

11/7 : E and I ran the Canada Bay Run yesterday, it’s 7KM in total but I could just only manage about 3KM. It is a beautiful bay to run, especially in the mornings. There is a scrumptious cafe you can also eat at, after your session. Today, I’ll just be catching up on the online modules because CSU starts this week. A lot of it is theory based, which is alright but a lot readings to do. Today ends my weekend, whilst tomorrow starts my 7 day straight working week. Sims 4 isn’t so bad, but I am not hooked to it compared to the other Sims, especially Sims 3 which I reckon is the best.






~ MJ

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