“… a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”

– George R.R. Martin

11/7 : Right not I am trying to fall asleep past 12AM, as I have a later start tomorrow. Generally once it hits 8 or 9PM, my mind gets slower and sleeper. Just discovered Anna Akana and she is brilliant! Why have I not been hooked to her earlier, she is hilarious and creative with her subjects. Check her out!
In a another frame, I was just looking at E’s face and realised how he has matured. Natural skin lines, all signs of ageing which wasn’t there 3-4 years ago. But after closer inspection it probably has been there for a while. I now we’re all ageing, and to see the effects of it up close is sometimes shocking. I have been with this bugger since his youthful days to now.

18/7 : Great news first! Well two actually, my miserable flu is almost gone, I literally needed 5 days off work since I was contagious. Now its just a mild cough, no more soreness, severe headaches and lost voice. The other amazing thing that happened, was season 7 of GoT! Freaking amazing! The first scene was badass and it ended on a  triumph note. E and I ended up signing up on a 2 week trial, with Foxtel Now. It is $15 per month with the drama pack, and with the trial you get access to all the channels. Lack of posts were due to the inability and lack of motivation to write due to the flu. But all is coming well!






~ MJ

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