“To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. People eventually get sick of waiting, take a chance on someone, and by the art of commitment become soulmates, which takes a lifetime to perfect.”

– Criss Jami





12/8 : Heading off to catch the train soon, because I am doing short-closing-shifts, yay! I also managed to complete 1 out of my 3 assignments due, in 4 days. I’ll be digging in today and tomorrow with another, lucky it is just 1,000 words and I’ll smash out the last assignment hopefully before Thursday. If not, I  might have to cancel this Thursday’s dinner. I think it’ll just be all assignments and university work this week.

15/8 : When I got back from the shortest shift, it felt mentally relaxing. It was great not to be mentally strained for 8 hours and I am glad I made the right decision. I also had time to smash 2 assignments within 5 days and got to start the other one soon. The latest episode of GoT, was freaking epic! I love the super team of its best fighters and I do hope it plays out well. I have read the entire plot that was leaked and everything so far as run by exactly as the leak stated.

16/8 : Wished I wasn’t told but the same time, I am glad I wasn’t made a fool any longer. But that was a long, long time for me to be played like that. Is it time to fly or wait for time to tell me what to do? Part of me wants to try and the other, well… wants to rage, spite but is held down by civil thoughts. My eyes are clearer now, but my heart. Got back from class and now I have to take a leap of faith. Whether to go and take the ride again or…

17/8 : I hate this distraction and unease. It is unlucky I have not made my mind completely, even though I have verbally stated I would try. It is situations like this to provide another with advises, because you won’t know how they are really feeling. Words sometimes cannot explicitly describe. How can you move on from those negative imaginations and how can you face that person knowing… I’m trying not to blame myself, it seeps out unknowingly. I look back and I ask, why when you showed me something so completely different. I ask myself, was I such a bad person to you?
The meeting well today, I do hope I do land it. I kind of feel unconfident that I didn’t get to speak much, there was really no questions they wanted to ask from me. Since I could not sell myself, they’ll have to trust in my resume.

 20/8 : I got it! I got my step into the field.


~ MJ

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