“Romeo wouldn’t change his mind. That’s why people still remembered his name, always twined with hers”

– Stephanie Meyer

24/8 : I am not sure if I mentioned it on my previous post, but the Philippines vacation is booked in! There is a few bits and bobs that still needs to be booked, but the main flights and accomodation for El Nino is done. I am super excited to see a part of the luxurious El Nino, waking up on a breath-taking island surrounded by the ocean and nature. I am a bit bummed that we couldn’t get a water cottage, but it isn’t the end of the world. Secondly, I cannot wait to merge into the bustling city of Makati for 2 weeks. Hopefully I don’t end up splurging on items but on food! I have a list already of restaurants I want to visit.
Now back to the present, there are times when it is hard to come up from the deep waters… I just need to learn how to openly communicate. Bottling your feelings, I find is not only challenging but mentally exhausting. When I end up randomly thinking about it, I just go down on a destructive spiral. Keeping busy is key, but foremost being honest. Orientation went well today, a lot of information but I am excited to try this new challenge.

25/8 : I got into a flow of watching youtube videos about North Korea, such as blogs and about the perspectives of those who had escaped. It is an eye-opener, I have linked the video below so definitely check it out. After watching those videos, I felt a bit of curiosity to visit the country but I honestly didn’t feel comfortable of the fact that your passport will be temporarily taken from you. This prevents the tourist from wandering on their own.

27/8 : Mcgregor vs Mayweather boxing match today, was epically entertaining! I swear I haven’t seen a fight like that in a while. It was a punch of suspense, thrill and the build up of the fight created the right amount of excitement. Yesterday, I forgot to mention, A and I checked out the cherry blossom festival at Auburn. For a $5 entrance fee, you get to check out the lovely blossoms, scrumptious Japanese food and a few other Japanese culture entertainment. My favourite would definitely be watching the sumo match. I went on a little skincare splurge yesterday, which I am supposed to be saving up money for the upcoming trip, and hopefully I can get some writing material up for you guys soon!





~ MJ

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