“Sometimes a situation you think of as “bad” is actually putting you on a path to the best thing that could possibly happen to you”

– Unknown

14/9 : It seems unfair to create a contract with the expected working hours, and to be given less. I wonder what the human resources procedure is, when employers do not/cannot bide to the contract hmm. I suppose it might be heavily due to my availabilities, but I think an extra day can be allocated in when analysing where the other work hours are being allocated to.

Yesterday was extremely a shocker in temperature. It felt like the start of summer, humid but with a cloudy overcast. Today is a bit different, windy, still cloudy but cooler. I can’t wait for the summer nights, warm and comfortable to chuck on singlets and shorts.

15/9 : Mentally its been draining. The challenge to move has been a bit of an effort as of late, and to keep motivated. Maybe what I’ve been doing isn’t the right course of action. Maybe I just need to keep myself busy or keep myself from worrisome thoughts. It has been affecting my everyday routine, which sucks.

On a positive note I ran my butt off for 70 minutes, after passing that time I was already draining my phone data so I was like done! Took a long nap and ate my first meal about 6pm. I’m trying to avoid ‘heavy’ foods just because I’ve signed up for beginner’s ballet again, but this time at Sydney Dance Academy. Got to fit comfortably in the leotard for the next 4 weeks. Alright, going to catch-up with WahlieTV and get my essay sorted out before tackling the next big assignment. I seem to have more focus at night and just groggy in the morning.

18/9 : When you think it gets easier, next minute it hits you full force and you have to rebuild that mental wall again. I realised that whenever I am away, my mind wonders off to dangerous waters. When I am with, the memory disappears for a while. Boy, I would like a break.

Visited Fleurette Beauty again! It has been a solid 6 months or so, and getting my nails did is a satisfying feeling. The nail artists are wonderful as always, it is costly but the quality speaks for itself. Stuck to my safe black and whites and did a simple white arrows on the ring fingers. At NSW’s State Library to start on assignment 2!






~ MJ

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