“Who needs sports stardom when you can shoot fireballs from your fingertips?”
― Ethan Gilsdorf





21/9 : Sooo… I did the unimaginable and got myself a champion on League of Legends! What I know. Since I smashed out my assignments and E conveniently had a gaming laptop, I said why not? Orianna is my muse at the moment, and I think I’ve got the hang of assisting. There is much to learn, but I have been loving the short action burst which I haven’t been really exposed to. My player name is ‘purplecuriosity’, so it should be simple to add me.

22/9 : Before I hit the sack, got to write an update for the day. Was running on 4 hours sleep yesterday, so I tucked myself early. However, when I woke up I did not feel 100% refreshed. So that translated for the rest of the day. Volunteer was great, but I did something silly. There was a stack that had already been scanned in, and I re-scanned them in not knowing it was already done! At end the of it, I was just laughing it off haha. Got a cute yellow top from Sportsgirl, I have been gravitating towards yellow items which I reckon will look amazing during this season. If you see my wardrobe, its mainly greys and blacks. I follow an Australian influencer on instagram and when I finally gave her youtube a go, I have been on a binge! Her name is Tammy Hembrow.

23/9 : What a super dry, humid day today! Spring just started and it feels like Summer. Checked out the Doonside/Woodcroft festival today and snagged myself a $6 chicken BBQ skewer. I know $6 right? However, it isn’t your typical skewer, its juicy and thick, though the wait was well over 10 minutes. Got home, took a nap because hot weather always drains the life out of me and now waiting for the call to do a pick up.

24/9 : Breezy day today, woke up got breakfast, napped, ate again and headed for work. Loved the short shift tonight. Pushed myself to carry weights tonight, which felt good since I haven’t worked out my back in a while. Should be a free day tomorrow, to catch up on university work.

25/9 : Watching Jen’s newest video, and I should really practice applying eyeshadow. My everyday or even formal events, I always lean towards neutral browns just to define my crease and support the eyeliner. Plus, I am no way confident in using other colours! Don’t know whether I should go for a coastal walk tomorrow or head to the beach.


~ MJ

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