“Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

3/10 : I have no tutorial tomorrow, which means I can squeeze in time playing work catch up. In other news, I got myself a Cannon SX730 HS because I am definitely getting myself into the vlogging scene! Well to be more specific, E will be the person who will be documenting whilst I will be playing around editing! Exciting times ahead! The video image quality is great, though the sound I haven’t determined since I forgot to buy a memory card. I’ll let you know once I get the other missing equipments. The first video on the list is of E’s trip to America and then our trip to Philippines in January next year. Do you like the new theme I chose? I think its more softer for the eyes.

I am also saddened by the tragic event that had transpired in Vegas recently…

4/10 : It could have been because I was influenced by the show ‘Vikings’, but I have my eyes set on visiting Sweden sometime in 2019, after finishing my first degree. I am surprised almost everything there equals similarly to the Australian dollar. I intend to stay there for a month, to really submerge into its culture and visit all the sites! Ok, maybe a month and a half?

I signed up for a free online course, Learning Swedish just to get a years head start, plus a new language to learn is always a great brain challenge. Wish me luck!

8/10 : It’s Sunday! Though I start later for an evening shift, I am praying it’ll just be a quiet line. The week has been ok and finally finished all the assignments, just 1 exam to smash. Looking forward for a date tomorrow.

9/10 : Checked out Bodhi under Sydney’s perfect weather today, sunny and not too dry. Sat outdoors and selected a wide, tasty items from their yum cha menu. Now back to watching ‘The Story of Diana’ on Netflix.






~ MJ

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