“…this question of the company of the past, that’s what interests me, and archives are a kind of site in the sense of like an archaeological site.”

– John Berger





17/10 : Already midway though October, damn the year went by fast. I can also taste freedom from the end of this semester and excited to do the next unit of the information course. Does anyone here go to conferences? I just find the alarming with the high costs involve and I would need to travel interstate for them. I have read some pros and cons, but I can’t shake the fact that it costs so much and it would make a student broke for a while.

18/10 : Signed up to donate hopefully for just a year, just cause I don’t think I could commit to more, to an organisation called Plan International. For $51 per month, you are able to sponsor a child and write letters to him/her. For more information click here. One of their representatives came by and happily disclosed what they did, and since I’ve always wanted to sponsor a child I said this might be a sign to finally do it! I’ll keep you updated once I have been given more information about the child, place and everything else.

 19/10 : Done and dusted with the intriguing show Mindhunter, check out this review (article) which captures exactly how I feel about the show. Now I’m off to another binge watching Netflix’s The Confession Tapes. Sometimes I wonder, should I have studied psychology or criminology, just because it sounds very intriguing and the challenge is always there. Anyways I had to make a tough call today, between a program I was doing and a contract that had came up. I chose to not give up on the program, because there’s a particular skill I needed to ground into my resume. But I do hope I get a response saying there is flexibility with days, because this would be another great opportunity to further up-skill.

20/10 : You’d think I’ve gotten used to it by now. But here I am, in bed at 9:58pm contemplating and being washed over by… I don’t know whether I have already forgiven.

21/10 : I have discovered a word and aspect of a person I dislike, ego. I have put up with people with it and being surrounded by that, is not only stressful, off-putting but also shallow. I can’t always avoid individuals with them, but I can definitely point out people with them which in turn makes it easier for me to discard their opinions and not let their words/actions affect me. If you don’t care about them, why should it then affect you? I guess some could say ego has its benefits, but for me it’s a tiring personality that I can’t stand. I see it as shallow.

22/10 : I think yesterday’s high dislike about ego or in other words esteem needs, was a bit short-sighted and extremely biased. I don’t believe ego is bad, I suppose what I was trying to say is that I dislike individuals who use it in a way that shows arrogance, overload of pride and selfishness, which could result in hurting someone because of their selfish acts.

23/10 : Got the call I was waiting anxiously waiting for. I am crossing my fingers for this opportunity to get another step into the world of information. I still have to go through another call round. The more I read about archives, recorded and non-recorded history makes me regretfully think, why did I not chose this pathway earlier? It is an interesting field, though I believe it will have times of repetitiveness but at the same time, it feels rewarding. I am going to take it slow, whilst focusing giving 100% into my course, but also applying for positions to gain practical experience.


~ MJ

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